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Welcome brislebrities! 

Created and hosted by musical comedian, Sophie Banister along with her long-time collaborator and sweet "prince of piano" Thien Pham, BRISBARET is a curated variety night bringing you a smorgasbord of local talent.


From singer-songwriters to stand up comedians, dance, drag, sketch comedy and burlesque, you will be bestowed with the finest short instalments of art, frivolity and entertainment by the best bris-lebrities in town (like celebrities, but better). 


Sophie and Thien expertly weave together the silly, the topical, and the ridiculous with tunes and interactive games to keep you smiling between acts.


Tickets to our next show are available here!

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If you are an artist interested in collaborating, please reach out via our instagram or here!


"fast becoming a Brisbane institution" Blue Curtains Brisbane

“MC’s [Sophie and Thien] radiate an enthusiasm and joy at being on stage that brings a freshness to Brisbaret that’s not often seen. They love entertaining the masses and are incredibly comfortable doing it and we’re all the better for it. Throughout the night, they riff with each other effortlessly and dazzle us with us musical comedy numbers that balance the difficult mix of political satire with charming geekery." - Nothing Happens in Brisbane

"Energy never wanes, thanks to the upbeat between-act interaction of the show’s hosts. The dynamic duo of Banister and Pham have a natural rhythm to their banter, seen before in All Day Breakfast With Sophie And Thien”. Their genuine enthusiasm for what they are doing makes it easy to love it all as they weave local, topical and personal aspects into their own numbers... Appropriately given its title, Brisbane is at the core of the fabric of “Brisbaret”, and its embrace of this is what gives the show so much of its unique character" Blue Curtains Brisbane


“‘Brisbaret’ would make a great Tuesday night out for adults young and old who enjoy a well-paced variety show format with tons of audience interaction. It was a truly energising experience to feel the absolute love of performance from these young hosts and their guests and to be part of a crowd encouraging them to fearlessly pursue their talents in entertaining Brisbane arts lovers.” - Theatrehaus


Gallery Images of some of our previous artists! All by Jade Ellis Photography

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